Bartlett Woodworking and Magnus Melkersson are pleased to announce a new partnership to deliver the finest possible precision CNC carved eastern maple guitar tops. These Tops are based on a late 50's style carved top and are accurate down to the finest detail - profile, contour, thickness, and even the regions the maple is harvested is the same as used in the late 50's. Careful kiln drying and hide glued center seam finish off the details of a perfect top. These tops are each truly one of a kind and no detail has been overlooked. Prices are based on the quality of figure in the wood. All products are guaranteed to be free of any defects in materials and craftsmanship, ensuring you get a top that surpasses anything available on the market. Each top includes a numbered certificate of authenticity, nylon 6/6 nut blank, and is packed in a sturdy cardboard shipping box suitable for long term storage


All orders ship on Fridays. Please allow up to three weeks for delivery before contacting us regarding the status of your order.



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