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These maple tops are thin pieces of wood, and as such can and sometimes do warp during changes in environmental conditions. All tops ship from our shop perfectly flat, but it's not uncommon for them to endure environmental changes during shipping. In most cases they arrive perfectly flat and ready to use, however, if your top arrives with a pronounced cupping to it, it is not ruined. Here is what you should do to correct the issue prior to gluing it to your body blank: Leave the top in the protective bag but open the bag to allow air to circulate slowly through the bag. Leaving it as it is for several days will almost always correct any warping. If the warping does not correct itself naturally, the next step is to dampen a cloth and wipe the concave side (usually the top) with it several times over a period of up to 30 minutes or so, keeping the surface moist, but not wet. Keep in mind this is a natural very thin wood product, which likely has traveled though questionable conditions over countless miles to get from our shop to yours. It's normal for some warping to occur, and is always correctable by using the methods described above, and by using good even clamping technique.

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